Musical Shows — Marching Bands, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella and the Golden Slipper

Besides the orchestra in the Ballroom, Wonderland had a full-time marching band (which changed from year to year), occasional musical shows, a daily parade, and in three of its years staged a large musical extravaganza.

The Salem Cadet Band, lead by Jean Missud

In 1907 they built a special Bandstand for them at he foot of the Lagoon

In 1907 they instituted the Wonderland Parade, inspired by the Alice in Wonderland books. A local girl played the part of Alice

The advertisements used the Tenniel illustrations from the books

The Alice in Wonderland show was preceded by a parade around the Park. The show was put on again in 1908, but they changed the decorations to a nautical theme, partly in honor of one of the park’s guests that summer, Annette Kellermann “The Australian Mermaid”

For 1909 they put on a completely new show — Cinderella and the Golden Slipper. (The version of the story of Cinderella given by the Brothers Grimm had a Golden Slipper, unlike the Glass Slipper in the more familiar Charles Perrault version. They probably used a golden slipper because it would stand out more clearly onstage (just as the 1938 movie The Wizard of Oz changed L. Frank Baum’s Silver Slippers to Ruby Slippers, the better for TEchnicolor to photograph).

Unfortunately no pictures from the show itself seem to exist. Here are two advertisements for the show

One reason for the show’s success was the director, James Gilbert, who directed shows at the Hasty Pudding Club at Harvard, and amateur theatricals elsewhere.

Gilbert changed the show weekly, swapping actors in roles and introducing an ever-changing repertoire of popular music and dance. Here are some of the songs thrown into the show

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