Stephen R. Wilk’s Lost Wonderland

from University of Massachusetts Press

Lost Wonderland — The Book

If you want to know about how Wonderland came to be, what the attractions in it were and how they changed from year to year, and especially about the lives of the park creators and performers, by all means read the book. This website contains supplemental material — mostly photographs that couldn’t be put in the book, many of them in color

Wonderland Park was an amusement park that opened in Revere, Massachusetts, just north of Boston, and not far from Revere Beach. It featured state-of-the-art attractions, rides, and performances.

It opened on Memorial Day in 1906 and closed in September of 1910, and it presented an ever-changing roster of attractions. Today the region is still called by the name “Wonderland”, and the Wonderland stop on Boston’s Blue Line is literally across the street from where Wonderland Park once stood. Today the Wonderland Marketplace Mall and its parking lot occupy most of Wonderland Park’s Grounds.

Click on the links below to see more of Wonderland

Wonderland Maps

Wonderland Conceptual Paintings

Wonderland Permanent Attractions

Fighting the Flames and Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show

The Velvet Coaster, the Whirl the Whirl, and the Circle Swing

The Infant Incubators

The Japanese Village

William H. Kennedy’s Wild West Show, The Miniature Railroad, the Skating Rink, and the Captive Balloon

The Gillette Dog and Monkey Circus, The South Before the War, Willard’s Temple of Music, Paradise — The Show Beautiful, and other shows

The Fatal Wedding, Under the Sea, and Pilgrim’s Progress

Love’s Journey

The Foolish House, The Third Degree, and The House that Jack Built

Trixie — the Equine Wonder, Battle Abbey, and The Human Laundry

The Beautiful Orient, Florida Alligator Jungle, Darktown, and the Wonder Wander

Hale’s Tours, The Rocky Mountain Holdup, The World in Motion, and Humanovo

Wild Animal Shows

Highlights of 1906 — Mr. Thompson’s Wild Ride and the Ryan Scintillator

Details — The Penny Arcade, the Photographer, Prince Tiny Mite, and other small things

Musical Shows — Marching Bands, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella and the Golden Slipper

Special Performers — Lincoln Beachey the Aeronaut, Annette Kellermann the Australian Mermaid, Chiquita the Doll Lady, James Hardy the Tightrope Walker, Matthew Henson, the Polar Explorer, and others

The People of Wonderland

Wonderland by Night

Wonderland Souvenirs

Wonderland Music

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