Special Performers — Lincoln Beachey the Aeronaut, Annette Kellermann the Australian Mermaid, Chiquita the Doll Lady, James Hardy the Tightrope Walker, Matthew Henson, the Polar Explorer, and others

Wonderland had a constantly-changing roster of performers in the Arcus Ring, the Theaters, and elsewhere, and each year after 1906 it had featured performers who were there for the entire summer.

1907 — Lincoln Beachey, Aeronaut

1907 — James Hardy, Tightrope Walker

1908 — Annette Kellermann

Annette Kellermann with her latest interest, the Diavolo

1908 — Chiquita, The Doll Lady

Chiquita with her husband, Anthony

1910 — Mr. and Mrs. W. W. King, Billiard Masters

1910 — Matthew Henson, Polar Edxplorer, First Man at the North Pole

1910 — The Berlo Family of Swimmers

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